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ようやくイタリア語の事が分かり始めた気がします。ま、とにかく難しいですよ! 何度も何度も授業で習った単語や会話を繰り返し、暗記しています。でも実際には、 本当に覚えられるかどうか... アイウート! Miki (Nagano - Japan)
I, in fact, continue to make your Italian lessons to my course here in Los Angeles but I am still the lessons on the site because I need to integrate and better understand what we do in class. I'm very satisfied .. and then I enjoy the exercises ... Chloe (Chino - USA)
I went many times in Italy on the road and I always ate very well! I never spoke in Italian, but now I am passionate to study with this website and I hope that the next time I can at least say "buono! Buonissima!!" Aniyah (Towcester - UK)
There's an app for the iPad or iphone? - ( - )
Mi piace la cucina di italia. Io la imparo nel ristorante di Gumna e studio la lingua italiana da solo perche' vorrei andare a studiare in presto nella vera scuola. Il libro di Studiamo.COM e' facile! イタリア料理にはまり、群馬のレストランで働きながら勉強中です。出来るだけ早い時期にイタリアへ渡り、 本場で修業したいと思っています。今までもイタリア語は独学でしたが、なかなか前に進みません。 このサイトの存在を知って本当に良かったです!! Eiichi (Urawa city - Japan)
I did not like studying on my own, but now I began to study Italian especially by train every day and I like it very much ... finally all that time on the train is well spent! - ( - )
si adesso la grammatica è molto chiara, ma parlare mi sembra impossibile! Альберт Alberto (Москва́ - )
Thanks to this site I can understand the Italian language, but I really miss the opportunity of speaking with someone ... to be corrected when I'm wrong ... to have a teacher .. are not very happy with this site. ABIODUN ( - USA)
チャオ! はじめまして、美穂といいます! studiamo。COMのレッスンを始めて3ケ月、 とても満足しています! 会話のレッスンもしたいのですが、可能ですか? APORICOTTO (Zushi - Japan)