Entra in Italia con Studiamo.COM

Entra in Italia con Studiamo.COM

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~ About us ~

Project: Rossana Andriuzzi & Marco Longo
Didactic manager: Rossana Andriuzzi
Teachers: Donato Ruggieri

Giusi Venturi
Consultant opera repertoire:

Consultant areas poems:
Benedetta Faucci

Junko Higashihara
Technical Project Manager:


Graphics and drawings:
Marco Longo

Eiichi Kashiwagi

Elisa Grilli

Junko Higashihara

Lauren Severini

(Consultant opera repertoire)

I was born in a town on the Tuscan sea and grew up professionally in the marvelous city of Florence.
I then moved to Lombardy and between Milan and its province, I combined teaching and singing, without denying my second artistic soul, painting.
My contribution to the fulfillment of this site was as a consultant in choosing the repertory of the lyrical operas and of the arias with the addition of an initial series of fundamental suggestions for the students studying singing. I am available for whatever further queries you may have in this field.
We, teachers and professionals alike who are passionate about the national operatic heritage, are disclosing a strong interest in this music, which is stronger abroad than in Italy.
We, therefore feel like torchbearers committed to run with our torch through bumpy terrain in order to reach the longed for half, but we don't lose our courage to do this. On the contrary, it's a battle and at the same time, a wonderful thing to be able to use such a modern method like the internet and this site to defend out precious and antique musical patrimony.
I'd be happy to follow through with my contribution in order to make these worldly treasures loved.
I wish you all the best.


(Technical Project Manager)

Salve! - Hello!
My name is Marco and I am from Genoa. I'm a computer engineer, specialized in information technology systems to teach languages and cultural knowledge. I helped to produce software for museums and for e-learning in workplaces.
I have lived in Tokyo for the past few years and together with this splendid group of people, have decided to create StudiamoCOM that allows us to offer an Italian language course that is absolutely unique in its kind. With didactics like ours that has been designed especially for individuals using the Internet to study, you can learn a rich language like Italian, but you will also have the opportunity to see your progress in the course. I believe that you will remain satisfied with the results you will obtain studying with us. And you will be able to tell the next time you come to Italy and will easily be able to make yourself understood.


(Didactic manager)

Salve a tutti! Hello to everyone!
I come from Anzi, a small town in the beautiful region of Basilicata.
Since 1998 I have taught Italian and Italian art history in many language centers and Italian culture first in Florence and then in Tokyo. I accomplished all of this only after I graduated in Florence with a major in Modern Literature and a specialization in Historical Art. I also received a teacher training in Literature in the Italian middle and high schools, as well as the DITALS certification to teach Italian to foreigners from the University of Siena.
I sincerely hope that our Italian language course and everything else that we offer on our website will be very helpful to you in achieving your goals for the Italian language, an extremely interesting language that will bring you closer to the culture of that complicated, contradictory, but undisputed and extraordinary charm that makes Italy, Italy... and to its bizarre inhabitants.
If this happens, it will be nnthe success of our course!
Thank you and have a great lesson.



Salve - Hello! My name is Donato and I am from Basilicata, but I have lived many years in Perugia where I obtained my degree in Modern Literature with a specialization in Philosophical literary.
My great passion for the Italian language was really born in the antique and suggestive city of Perugia.
This brought me to study it in a more specialized way, paying specific attention to the study of dialects of various regions of Italy. I therefore, published, both personally and in collaboration with the University of Foreigners of Perugia, a few journals on this topic.
Actually, I teach literary materials to students in Italian middle schools and I am involved in various didactic projects about teaching nItalian to foreigners.
This self/instructed, online Italian course did not come about just by chance. It is the product of a project that combines many years of experience and work on various language-teaching methods with the intention of providing a serious, valid, and efficient education to whomever wants to reach his/her language goals.



I'm Giusi and like Rossana and Donato, I am from Basilicata, but I was born in Tolve, another town in the province of Potenza.
I actually attend the Foreign Languages department in Potenza because I find studying language a very useful and fascinating tool that helps me learn about other cultures and to communicate with different people. While I was living in Salisbury, Austria, to better my German, I found out that I not only nnlove learning languages, but I also like to teach my own.
In fact, teaching Italian revealed to be a very fun and rewarding job that has allowed me to meet so many different, nice, and interesting people from all over. It has also allowed me to further my knowledge of the Italian language and above all, acquire a new outlook on Italy and my culture. I'm sure that learning Italian and its culture will also enrich your lives and through the use of our website, we truly intend to do our best to stimulate your interests and your linguistic needs, but also to stimulate a cultural exchange. Thanks and contact us soon!


(Graphic designer)

Hi, I'm Elisa.
I am 19-years-old and I live in one of the most famous cities in the world: Florence. In fact, my city is full of some of the nmost famous works of art in the whole world. It is impossible not to love them and in fact, I have just started to study Art History in university.
My interest in art is accompanied by a great passion for design, one that I have had since I was little. And the opportunity for me to design the course website for you has been fantastic.
I hope that my designs, in addition to being functional for the didactics of each lesson, will also be useful for you to better learn the Italian language and to make the lesson more fun.